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www.gradeserver.org is a free web utility designed for teachers to make available individual student grades on the web. The utility works with Microsoft Excel files and runs on an encrypted server. This is the second version of this utility, the first developed at the College of the Siskiyous, Weed California in 1993 and supplied grades for many students until Spring 2008 when this implementation was built.

This version makes use of an encrypted server, handles teacher file uploading, and uses native Microsoft Office 2003 Excel spreadsheets. It can be linked and used from any web page without any plugins, etc. or, optionally, it can be configured as a standalone web-based grade delivery system. See the "Behind the Screens" option for more information about the implementation.

This utility is made available by Ken Goehring and Blue Tang Productions. Spring 2008.

For more information, or to submit comments please contact :  admin at gradeserver.org

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